Registration & Club Membership

Anyone can register on this site and registration will give you access to some additional content like Jamboree badge Catalogues.

This is a taste of things "Paid Membership" offers.

Paid Members can see all content and:

  • View additional catalogues (Based on membership level)
  • Buy badges
  • Participate in Badge Auctions
  • Create Auctions
  • Submit badges and badge info for inclusion in Catalogues
  • See other member info (Unless restricted)
  • Message other members

home picIn addition to access to the “Full Member” sections of this website, as a Full Member of the NZ Badgers Club you will receive:

  • Copies of our magazine ‘Swop Box’ which is published six times each year
  • A simplified catalogue of New Zealand Scout badges
  • A directory of Club Members that you can contact. We have members in New Zealand and in many other Countries.
  • The opportunity to buy badges through our sales list, including special badges available only to Club members
  • The opportunity to gain the Club Collector's Award badges
  • Access to Club publications such as the Histories Book, the Varieties Catalogue and the Local Issues Catalogue

The Varieties catalogue is the basis of the Badgers Club.
The Catalogue lists all known Scout (and Guide) badges for Zones, Districts and Areas/Provinces. It also lists national events such as Jamborees.

Each issue of the Club magazine ‘Swop Box’ contains:

  • News and information about badge collecting
  • Catalogue updates
  • Free members swap advertisements
  • New member lists and other member information
  • Dates of Club meetings in many New Zealand cities. (An ideal time to meet with other Members and swap badges).
  • Lists of badges are available for sale through the Club
  • Postal Auctions in most magazine issues which allow you to buy rarer and more difficult to get badges - usually at prices lower than online auctions.

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